Welfare Generators
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Welfare Generators

Welfare Generators

A range of specially designed generators for powering welfare / accommodation units.
The Welfair ® range of portable generators has been designed by HGI to perform exceptionally well in the confines of an accommodation unit.
HGI are continually seeking ways to maximise sustainability and minimise environmental impact. Following our principals we have developed and expanded our range of power equipment to accommodate these ever growing requirements. Taking the Eco credentials from our telecom resilience generators considering noise, emissions and fuelling costs. We have developed a unit to sit alongside our trusty Welfair ® range of sets which spans 6 to 27kVA the result is the ‘3E’ an Eco friendly cabin power pack. Currently starting at 2kW and truly is a plug and play system. Using a battery bank with an integrated generator (diesel or LPG) coupled to an inverter charger; it takes up less than half a square metre of floor space. The compact set goes one step further with the option to simply plug in a solar array or small turbine - thus almost eliminating the need to refuel. This flexibility enables organisations to support renewable energy development, tailored to individual company targets. Larger versions of this solution are undergoing field tests. The Welfare specific sets have long service intervals and it’s service items are on the outward facing side, thus making servicing easy and economic. The set is designed to be pushed up against a cabin wall so
maximising the unit’s space. The range can be configured with a remote ignition start on demand or Full remote programmable Start/Stop with a 7 day timer, which allows
the generator’s start and stop to be programmed in advance. The sequence can be manually overridden if required.

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