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Welder Generators

Welder Generators

Spitfire Welders
The SWP portable petrol welders from HGI are the ideal solution for mobile site repairs and welding maintenance.Construction sites, maintenance/repair, large scale fabrication often demand generator and welding power in locations where electrical outlets aren't available. In these instances, the professional welder, farmers/contractors and Fabrication Company’s turn to HGI Spitfire SWP welders. These "two-in-one" machines feature both a substantial welding capability along with generator power to run tools and lights.

The difference

AC and DC welding are both needed to accomplish certain tasks. DC welding generally has more advantages over AC welding but the most important thing for a welder to understand is how polarity works so that the welder can choose the proper electrode with the right polarity for the job.

SWP AC welders delivers 6kVA (230V) of auxiliary power ideal for certain angle grinders however the operator will need to switch between welding and Auxiliary power.

SWP DC welders will deliver at least 4kVa (230V) and gives the ability to weld and use the auxiliary power at the same time. DC welding also offers advantages over AC for most Stick applications, including: easier starts; fewer arc outages and sticking; less spatter/better looking welds.

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