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Welf-Air ECO Cabin Power Pack

HGI have been meeting the demands of modern welfare accommodation power requirements, be it an Eco Welfare , Static Welfare Unit or a Welfare Van for over 15 years.

Pioneering units with

Micro footprints
Super silent noise level`s
Single side servicing all with superb reliability and superior quality.

genuinely Eco friendly with the option to run as many or as little batteries, solar panels ,wind turbines and any other DC renewable energy source as you wish, when you wish. Its Economical, with a small, low maintenance, low fuel consumption diesel generator Supporting the renewables that power the cabin.Its Efficient, with a systematic approach to all the individual components working together. Most of all its very Easy to use , you don’t need a complicated set
of instructions to work this Welfare cabin.

The system is very much a plug and play one . You can add or remove components without damaging the integrity of the power pack. One year ,five years ,ten years ,whatever you want to do in the future this system allows it.

Total flexibility ,NO obsolences .NEAT, taking up less than half a square metre of floor space you don’t end up with A mess of batteries and controllers vying for space. The 3E system comprises of a purpose built rack that positions the batteries, fuel tank and generator all in one component.

Uses existing Super Compact metalwork….reduces cost….increases availability.
• Uses a quality Hatz 1b30 single cylinder air cooled Diesel engine, low cost easy and cheap to maintain, liked by fitters..
• Electric start/stop …..simple on/off switch in cabin. Not complicated to use.
• The set can also be started by the Battery charger to ensure that the batteries are always ready for use.
• Cabin start/stop module contains an adjustable timer to reduce unwanted running…..saves all the fuels ,
• saves hours run…..more Eco and environmentally friendly. Cheaper to run.

The Battery Pack
• The HGI Pack offered is designed to give the optimum life (complete cycles) commensurate with generator life maximises Battery life get the most out of the generator….reduces cost.However we can offer smaller packs to utilise the generator more, or larger battery packs to reduce generator running to a bare minimum.You decide……and you can change the Packs in the light of developments over a number of years. Hours of totally quiet operation….good for residential operation ….good for night time working.

The Battery Charger
• This unit takes the AC generator output and charges your batteries for a 12volt DC output.
• The charger has the ability to start and stop the generator to recharge the batteries…..batteries always charged ….always ready for use.

Model WA3E
Output Power1.9kW (2.4kVA)
Start MethodElectric start 12 Volt
Fuel TypeDiesel, Hybrid
Frequency (Hz)50
Voltage 230 Volt
Socket Config - 110 VoltN/A
Socket Config - 230 Volt1 x 16 Amp
Socket Config - 415 Volt-
EngineHatz 1B20
Speed (rpm)3000
Standard Tank Capacity (litres)26
Standard Tank Run Time @ 75% Load (hr)N/A
Sound Level @ 7m (dB A)70
Cooling SystemAir Cooled
Frame/CanopyPowder Coated Mild Steel, Acoustic Enclosure
Frame Dimensions (mm)870 x 560 x 960
Dry Weight (kg)174 kg Battery 92kg Generator 19kg Inverter
Warranty2 years
OptionsDependent on installation
The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. HGI reserves the right to change product images and specifications at any time without notice.