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HGI provides comprehensive training courses on all products throughout its range.

Split into 3 levels dependent on previous knowledge and experience, the courses cover everything from basic maintenance to advanced alternator operation.

Advantages include:

  • Problems can be diagnosed and hopefully repaired without the set having to come back to HGI for service, resulting in less downtime and greater rental revenue.
  • Enquiries will be met with an improved knowledge of correct sizing and specification, therefore the customer is more likely to be satisfied, and call again
  • A far greater number of problems are able to be fixed ‘on-site’ without a set ever coming off hire, greatly improving the relationship with the end-user.
  • The cost of non-warrantable work will be vastly reduced, as service staff should be able to deal with the majority of problems, with only the cost of replacement parts to factor in.
  • With regular servicing and maintenance where necessary, a fleet of generators will provide revenue for a significantly longer period of time, reducing outlay considerably.

The courses take place at HGI’s main factory in Derbyshire, and typically last for 6 hours in total. Lunch is provided.If you believe that your staff/organisation could benefit from improved generator knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact HGI on: Tel +44 1629 824284 Fax +44 1629 824613

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