Telecoms & Resilience
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Telecoms & Resilience

Telecoms & Resilience

HGI is the leading Telecommunications generator manufacturer in Europe, having supplied sets to a multitude of companies for vastly different project requirements, both for large volume production and one-off sets.

Aided by specialist in-house CAD designers, and project engineers with vast experience in the design of economical and cost effective sets, HGI quickly analyse a given requirement and provide the best advice and service available.
Telecommunications has provided HGI with some unique challenges. The massive growth of telecom end users and very high 3G costs has made the market look very closely at its operational expenses. HGI has responded with a bespoke service aimed at reducing costs.

Finding the right solution for your telecommunication power needs, does not necessarily have to be a long deliberating process, nor does it have to absorb endless funds from your company budget. HGI have invested heavily on your behalf, from staff and components, to finished products that perform, so that you don't have to.

I have used a selection of HGI generators to provide power to communications equipment in many remote areas in the UK. We've even had units flown in by helicopter. From the product to the logistics, HGI have delivered on each occasion. They offer the complete solution to almost any type of power requirement.

Stan Thompson