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What type of fuel do the HGI petrol sets run on?

Any unleaded fuel.

What oil should I use in my new petrol set?

10W-40W or a slightly heavier oil designed for a petrol engine, just like a petrol car.

How much oil do I need to put in my petrol generator

Up to 1 litre depending on the size of the engine. Fill until the oil is at the marked level on the dipstick. If the set fails to start, then check the oil level is high enough as the oil alert feature on the Honda engines is quite precise.

What fuel does my new HGI diesel set run on?

Use normal white diesel fuel as in a diesel car engine. However, a significant cost saving can be gained by using Agricultural diesel, or 'red' diesel as it is commonly known.

What oil should I use in my new diesel set?

15W-40W oil designed for a diesel engine, just like a diesel car.

How much oil do I need to put in my diesel generator?

Please refer to the user manual supplied with your generator.

How often should my 3000rpm generator be serviced?

A first service after 25 hours, and then at 100 hour intervals for petrol and 150 hour intervals for diesel. Please refer to the supplied user manual for specific generators.

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