Service and maintenance
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Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance

HGI customers can also benefit from our comprehensive service support, which enables us to respond to emergencies throughout the UK 24 hrs a day.

Our experience in servicing and repairing all makes of generators will bring you a swift conclusion to your down time, thus eliminating costs. Holding over 16,000 commonly used parts and accessories of current and obsolete generators in stock, we can dispatch within 24hrs, whether your enquiry is made by phone or the Internet.

HGI has extensive experience in serving all major organisations responsible for UK safety and security forces in England, Scotland and Wales. In 2005 HGI in association with Airwave Designed deployed mission critical standby power to the Airwave network. HGI s power network provides standby power for essential voice and data communications within and between the emergency services and covers 99% of the country’s land mass.

This effective communication is paramount to the successful co-ordination of the emergency services, particularly in times of crisis. Since the deployment in 2005 HGI have provided a comprehensive service support network which covers over 1400 specialist generators. Our accredited Engineers provide a rapid response 24/7 and an on-site service response within 4 hours of notification. Our experience in the service and repair of all generator makes brings a swift end to downtime with an associated reduction in costs.

As power is essential for this mission critical network it is imperative it remains operational in the event of a disruptive event or disaster. HGI maintenance and service personnel ensure the highest level of system reliability. For you, this means protection against lost productivity and profitability from an unplanned system outage.

HGI service team excels in three main areas

Preventive maintenance, where equipment is maintained before break down occurs. This type of maintenance has many different variations and is subject of various researches to determine best and most efficient way to maintain equipment. Recent studies have shown that Preventive maintenance is effective in preventing age related failures of the equipment. For random failure patterns which amount to 80% of the failure patterns, condition monitoring proves to be effective.

Corrective maintenance, where equipment is maintained after break down. This maintenance is often most expensive because worn equipment can damage other parts and cause multiple damage.

Reliability centered maintenance, often known as RCM .Reliability centred maintenance is an engineering framework that enables the definition of a complete maintenance regime. It regards maintenance as the means to maintain the functions a user may require of the power network in a defined operating context. As a discipline it enables machinery stakeholders to monitor, assess, predict and generally understand the working of their physical assets. HGI will identify the operating context of the system, and write a Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA). The second part of the analysis is to apply the "RCM logic", which helps determine the appropriate maintenance tasks for the identified failure modes in the FMECA. Once the logic is complete for all elements in the FMECA, the resulting list of maintenance is "packaged", so that the periodicities of the tasks are rationalised. Lastly, RCM is kept live throughout the "in-service" life of machinery, where the effectiveness of the maintenance is kept under constant review and adjusted in light of the experience gained.

For each project HGI will ensure that you have:

• An experienced project team
• A Single Point of Contact for accountability, coordination and responsiveness
• Extensive experience creating and managing complex Methods of Procedure
• Proven successes in delivering mission critical projects
• Access to the right equipment
• Integrity, respect and commitment to the right solution

Since 2005 we have achieved a 96.4% success rate in relation to our SLA.