Rental Power
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Rental Power

Rental Power

HGI`s rental range of power generators are perfectly tailored for the demanding rental market. They are designed to reduce whole life costs and maximise the return on your investment. Our Customers value the economic advantage gained from our products.

The HGI rental range comprises of

Petrol Generators the HRP ranges from 3kVA-30kVA

Silent Diesel Generators (1500rpm) our HRD range starts from 7kVA-500kVA

Gas Generators 3kVA-100kVA available as open or canopied

Petrol Welders our SWP ranges from 130AMPS-250AMPS

Silent Diesel Generators (3000rpm) our SKD range starts at 2.6kVA-22kVA

Silent Diesel Welders our SWD ranges from 180AMPS-300AMPS

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The type of fuel your generator uses can have implications on cost and efficiency. Click a fuel type to learn more and view the products available.

Petrol Diesel LPG Natural Gas Hybrid