Vehicle mounted APU
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Vehicle mounted APU

3897 Light Field Generators are currently in active service

The Warthog vehicles enter service with the British Army in Afghanistan. The command vehicles are fitted with Harrington Generators International’s (HGI) 2 kW Light Field Generator (LFG). HGI’s LFG is used as an auxiliary power source when the main vehicle engine is not running.

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The LFGs are fitted into the tracked vehicles using a purpose built cradle which assists the user getting it in and out of the armoured vehicle quickly. The 2kW generators are designed and built to exceed Def Stan 61-5 (part 2) in electrical performance. The sets are fully EMC compliant and are tested to withstand the harshest of environments.
Bryan Harris, Managing Director of HGI said, “This contract has successfully demonstrated our ability to produce a technically complex quality product which has not only met the customer requirements but has gone on to exceed them.”
The HGI 2kW LFG features revolutionary Permanent Magnet Technology; resulting in a generator that is extremely light weight and which provides incredible power.
The generator has the ability to output any voltage configuration at anytime; 110Volts, 240Volts AC and 28Volts DC. This set can run at multiple speeds with total voltage stability for sensitive applications, whilst delivering optimum fuel efficiency.
Warthog is a development of the ST Kinetics Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier, which is a proven platform with a payload of over 5 tons. The articulated design gives it exceptional mobility across a wide range of terrain and climates. The vehicle is extensively armoured and will give troops improved protection in Afghanistan’s green zones.