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As one of the few generator manufacturers in the UK carrying Network Rail approvals, HGI is in a unique position to meet the need for safe, solid and reliable equipment, designed and built withstand the demands and dynamics of the rail environment.

Amongst other equipment, Rail favourites manufactured by HGI include;

  • AWD - Audible Warning Device
  • Stationary generators from 2.7kVA to 100kVA (110V CTE to 650V AC)
  • Vehicle-mounted generators from 12kVA to 250kWe (110V to 850V AC & DC)
  • Test Boxes
  • Rail-specific wire feed welders.

With a wide range of previously-approved and structurally compliant (GM/RT2100) designs, special projects have included HF (High Frequency) sets, Ballast Wagon-mounted sets, Track monitoring vehicle-mounted generators, 650 V AC signalling and large 850V DC ETS sets.

HGI regularly supplies major rail contractors in the UK as well as Network Rail direct, and is renowned as a reliable and efficient supplier, able to meet deadlines and create cost effective solutions throughout its range.