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Professional Portables

Professional Portables

HGI`s HRP range of Honda powered petrol generators are trusty
generators that will keep going for as long as you do.
HRP range of sets are your best friends in the industrial
and commercial workplace. They’re tireless workhorses – made to tackle the
toughest conditions and they’re the first choice for heavy outdoor use and hire
We build generators for customers with a really tough job to
do and we build tough dependable generators tod that job just lift them out of
the vehicle, set them down on the ground and fire them up – that’s it. You’ve
got the power at any location.
When it comes to a generator you depend on for your livelihood,
you don’t want to cut corners on quality. Always choose a HRP set for those jobs that
need to be done without compromise. They’re tough and always ready to go.
Just start it and let it get on with the job, because the
unique Oil Alert™ will automatically switch off the ignition if the oil drops
below a safe level. It’s as safe as safe can be.
When you buy a Honda powered generator you get the
unrivalled support of a domestic or commercial warranty, as long as you stick
to the service schedule. It will maintain the same value throughout the
warranty period. That means the last day of cover is as good as the first. No
matter where you go there’ll always be a Honda Dealer happy to help you in the
unlikely event anything should go wrong.
They’re no nonsense generators for when you’ve got serious
work to do.

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