On Track with Harrington Generators
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On Track with Harrington Generators

Since 2000, HGI have closely partnered the UK’s rail infrastructure managers and maintainers to provide generators, distribution equipment and warning systems designed to make life easier for the user and to promote availability of the route and associated assets.

The Company already had a series of generators which were approved for Trackside operation and with them, a range of Audible Warning Devices but in 2000, things got bigger - literally – when the Orient Express Company invited HGI to quote for the supply of a 27kVA generator to provide “hotel power” on its luxury Northern Belle service.

This machine would provide lighting, catering and general power for the train during its tours and would be the first venture for HGI into the world of vehicle-mounted installation. Although nobody could know at the time, this was the first of several hundred HGI machines which would be installed on rail vehicles over the years to come.

Later that same year, the Company took another step up when HGI were selected to produce a 100kVA 650V generator for mobile standby use to support signalling systems. Working in close collaboration with the (then Railtrack) Zone Engineers, HGI designed a machine which would replace the existing 30+ year-old design while maintaining familiarity and accessibility for the users and with availability and reliability as high priorities. The first such unit was delivered for Christmas 2000 and the HGI Railguard range was born.