Maintenance & Telemetry
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Maintenance & Telemetry

Maintenance & Response Service

HGI have the capability to respond to an emergency breakdown or callout anywhere in mainland UK and be on site within 4hrs of receiving the call. HGI have several engineers based throughout England, (Including the Isle of Wight & Scilly Isles), Wales and Scotland. In addition to their mainland response teams, HGI also retain service engineers on most of the main Scottish islands to enable a rapid response to the more remote areas of the UK. The service is available 24/7, 365 (366) days a year.
HGI operate a call-centre system that automatically texts and emails the engineer on call as well as contacting the engineer by phone should a fault be reported Copies of these emails and texts can be sent to the customer or other designated 3rd parties if required.
All of HGI’s generators can be fitted with a GSM telemetry system in the generator control panel that continually monitors the health status of the unit. This system informs the on-call engineers via text of any faults or problems as well as informing HGI’s control centre.
The telemetry system also allows HGI to remotely control generators fitted with this system. This means that on-site service visits for standby sets can be kept to a minimum as essential running tests can be carried out and monitored from Harrington’s premises or by an engineer with a laptop and internet connection. The telemetry system can also be programmed to inform HGI when a service is due, ensuring that critical milestones are met. Please note that GSM coverage is required to provide this system. HGI utilise roaming SIM cards to ensure that maximum coverage is achieved in areas of poor reception.
As an optional extra, HGI can provide web portal access so that customers can monitor the progress of any fault, callout, or service of their equipment through this dedicated software package.