Light Field Generator (LFG)
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Light Field Generator (LFG)

3897 Light Field Generators are currently in active service

The LFG – HGI's 2kW Lightweight Field Generator, currently in use and in production for the British MOD.
After months of successful military trials, exacting specifications and significant investment, HGI are
now able to offer the LFG to its customer base,with the pedigree you would expect from a set designed for the rigours of MOD service.This advanced, lightweight 2kW generator has been selected by the Ministry of Defence as the standard British Army 2kW generator for service throughout the world over the next 15 years.

Designed and built to a very demanding specification, the LFG has many advantages over conventional machines.

The HGI 2kW LFG features revolutionary Permanent Magnet Technology; resulting in a generator that is extremely light weight and which provides incredible power.
The generator has the ability to output any voltage configuration at anytime; 110Volts, 240Volts AC and 28Volts DC. This set can run at multiple speeds with total voltage stability for sensitive applications, whilst delivering optimum fuel efficiency.

Testing & Trials
As is standard with equipment entering MOD service, the LFG was subjected to the most exhaustive tests, ensuring that the set would excel in any conceivable environment.

Tests included:
  • Severe vibration and bump programmes
  • Extreme temperature tests at maximum output
  • Exhaustive reliability qualification testing over 48 battlefield mission cycles, equating to 8800 hours runtime.
  • EMC testing to Defstan 59-41 Class C, and no radio interference at 15 metres
  • Electrical performance to Defstan 61-5 (Part 2)

PMG : Permanent Magnet Generator

The LFG utilises a PMG type alternator and inverter, allowing significantly reduced weight,
and vastly increased fuel efficiency over a standard alternator.
Multi-output 28V DC/110V AC/230V AC – Supplies any combination of either AC voltage and 28V DC at the same time up to 2.2kW on 10% overload
Perfect sine wave output Highly robust