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In early 2002 and in a period of heavy investment by Railtrack, HGI were again in discussion with this valued customer and the result this time was a series of vehicle-mounted 100kVA, three-phase generators, installed in pairs in modified coaching stock, these systems provided more general purpose power for a variety of requirements, including (in the early days) cable-laying trains for Southern Region before later becoming incorporated into the NDS IM Fleet.

After an initial experiment with vehicle roof removal, a system of installation was developed which required minimal interference with the vehicle body structure and so consequently eased the approvals and scrutiny process once the completed vehicle was ready for service.

This would form a key feature of HGI’s philosophy to be taken forward and applied to future vehicle-based projects. Having produced a considerable quantity of generators now providing power to track replacement systems, in mid-2002, HGI were proud to be invited to bid for the supply of a 60kVA generator to power the recently-refurbished and re-equipped “Lab 5” track monitoring vehicle.

Working with AEA Technology Rail, HGI produced a generator which while meeting all the technical requirements of the project and achieving full compliance with Railtrack structural standards, was again capable of being installed without interference with the vehicle bodywork.
The unit also required careful air management to maintain ventilation and a more sophisticated control system than would have been employed for a commercial generator. This in turn would become the basis of many derivatives as more Harrington machines became part of the IM fleet.