Important Product Registration
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Important Product Registration

Please fill out the product registration form to register your HGI Generator purchase. The life of a generator depends on the care it receives throughout its lifetime. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that services are performed at the specified period and that the service record is kept safe for future reference. In this way your machine will receive the full benefit of the HGI Ltd warranty. Regular maintenance is also essential to ensure that your machine operates safely, efficiently and with the minimum environmental impact. For full terms and conditions and servicing requirements please consult your owners manual. If you are in any doubt regarding the service requirements of your specific product please contact your supplying dealer.

Alternatively call HGI on : 01629 821 647

Product warranty registration

Registration has its benefits.
• Register online and save 10% on your next service
• Proof of ownership in case your product is lost or stolen
• Receive notifications of latest service offer and product service reminders
• Exclusive previews of new HGI products and innovations
• Special HGI offers and promotions

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