Home generator maintenance.
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Home generator maintenance.

Professional home generator maintenance.

Just like your central heating boiler, your generator needs an annual check by one of our engineers, just to make sure everything is running smoothly and reliably.

Being prepared

We rely on electricity for a great deal of the things we do within our homes, from simply lighting and heating rooms to using the internet and watching television. When there is a power outage, it can not only ruin your plans, but take away the comforts you take for granted. Our customers rely on us for generators, as well as home generator maintenance, so that even during network faults or severe weather conditions, normal routines can be maintained, and disruption avoided.

Power loss can happen at any time, which is why it is important to be sure that your generator is always working efficiently and safely. Power failures are often weather related, and severe weather conditions that threaten power can occur all year round. Summer storms are a common cause of power loss, as well as strong winds and winter ice, and flooding can cause short power circuits during any season.
Other causes of power loss are even less predictable. Insulation failures in the power network can be the reason for power cuts, as well as traffic and construction accidents. Even plants and animals, such as falling branches and nibbling rodents, can trigger power outages. We understand that our customers might need to rely on a generator at any time, and this is why our team will ensure that regular home generator maintenance is carried out on any home generator purchased from us.

How we will maintain your standby generator

Even if you haven’t been using your generator recently, damage can occur over time, and it’s importance that you have it seen by an experienced professional. At least once a year, we will check for loose wires, corroded elements, and buttons that have become stuck. During home generator maintenance, we also make sure the generator is clean, and has not become clogged with debris. We will ensure the battery is in tip-top condition, and change the oil, among a number of other things. Leave it up to us to make sure you are prepared for the next power outage.