Home generator Installation
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Home generator Installation

Reliable Home Generator Installation

Here at HGI Home Generators we specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of high quality backup generators for domestic properties.

Choosing your home generator

The first step to home generator installation is making sure you have the right generator for your household. At HGI we tailor our service to your needs, and can help you find a generator that meets your requirements, from the best cost effectiveness to the least environmental impact.

We will help you decide on your generator by discussing with you what electrical equipment you would like power to during a power cut, among other factors. You can read about the benefits of different types of generators on our site, and find advice on choosing between automatic and manual generators, as well as the type of fuel that would best suit you.

Initial Site Survey

One of our professional installation engineers will visit your property to undertake an initial site survey in order to establish the level of work required. We help you choose the site of your home generator, taking into account factors such as ventilation. We will also help you decide what kind of In order to complete the onsite survey we simply need access to your home to safely connect and configure everything and to demonstrate just how simple having an HGI Standby Home Generator really is. After the survey, an engineer will be able to give you a quote that takes into account the site, as well as your home generator preferences, such as fuel type and electrical services.

Installing you home generator

Home generator installation can be dangerous if not done properly, and that is why it is essential that it is carried out by an experienced professional. Typically a generator installation by one of our fully trained and qualified engineers takes between four and six hours. One of our engineers will work with a gas installation company or plumber to connect your generator to your fuel source. We will also ensure that your home generator installation meets your local authority requirements. After installation, we will test the generator to make sure everything is working properly.

Using your own electrician

If you have a preferred electrician who knows your property well we will be glad to talk to them and guide them through the installation Free of charge.The prospect of a generator installation can be daunting as it can be a little out of a domestic electricians comfort zone. Don`t worry it is fairly straight forward and nothing they can`t handle.