Which fuel Diesel ?
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Which fuel Diesel ?

It can be difficult to make a decision about choosing which fuel type to use for your home generator system, so we have attempted to make this easier for our customers. We have aimed to provide comprehensive information regarding diesel home generator systems, including the advantages and disadvantages when trying to decide if this type of generator is right for you.

Advantages of a Diesel Home Generator


Diesel home generators require less maintenance than other options and their simplicity is a major advantage as they generally only require oil changes and filter changes as opposed to complex servicing that may be required of a petrol powered generator. The simplicity of a home diesel generator is as a result of using compression ignition rather than electrical ignition which rules out the need to replace spark plugs and or deal with regular tuning of intricate equipment.


The lifespan of a diesel powered generator is up to two times longer than that of a petrol powered generator - this style of generator is built to last.


Diesel does not burn as readily as many other fuels, making it a very safe option to have powering your home.


As a result of diesel powered generators being more efficient in terms of fuel consumption; they are generally cheaper to run than petrol powered generators. If you have the legitimate option of using red diesel, this could also save on costs.


The power range of these generators has an almost unlimited level of options meaning that, whatever you want it for, a diesel powered generator will be able to keep up. If you need a home generator that provides a lot of power then this specification may be right for you.


Diesel powered generators require less fuel than petrol powered generators as they run more efficiently and effectively than petrol equivalent.

Considerations of a Diesel Generator

Weight and Size

This style of generator is, on the whole, bigger and heavier than their petrol counterparts which could be a disadvantage if travel or mobility is high in your priorities.

Initial Cost

Diesel powered generators do tend to be more expensive initially, especially steeply rising above 6KVA. Their reliability and lasting service, however, do save money and those initial costs can be recouped in the long term.


These generators do tend to produce more soot than the alternatives, which, if you have respiratory problems, could cause some problems for you. As with all generators it is important to house them outside, with many people opting to house their home generators in an open frame.