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Harrington Generators international (HGI) the Telecoms - Resilience - mission critical – military - rail - power specialist

HGI are the Lead System Architect of competitive technical power solutions. Continually faced with increasingly complex solution challenges
from a variety of industry segments that share common traits for mission critical power systems.

HGI`s reputation in energy security and continuity is built on trust

HGI have forged a solid reputation within industry as a result of high-performing products that ensure operational efficiency and power resilience in extreme environmental conditions posed within defence, telecoms and rail sectors.

The companies overarching goal is to provide competitive technical power solutions. HGI excel in supplying unrivalled power products that deliver essential power, while maximising customer’s investment.

HGI`s products lay at the heart of:

  • Communications, command and control systems
  • Mission services and support
  • Protection and mission / combat systems
  • Surveillance, detection and intelligence systems
  • Training & Simulation
  • Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting Acquisition (RSTA)

Using in house expertise in these areas, HGI develop prime power and standby power products to interact seamlessly with others.HGI maintain a competitive advantage by acting as design authority in complex and critical power projects, by continual developing and customising technical solutions while utilising appropriate engineering processes. Continual research into emerging technologies and assessing applications within new and existing products ensures an unrivalled innovative product range.

HGI develops strong partnerships with platform manufacturers in order to propose an optimised, solution .Platforms and vehicles are increasingly sophisticated and tighter budget constraints are driving a new modular approach in manufacturing by taking standard products and adapting sets quickly and efficiently to meet customers’ demands.

The MOD and industry audited manufacturing facilities demonstrate commitment to quality. Operating paralleled lean production lines ensures superior product quality and enables a quick response to urgent operational requirements. With a core belief that working in highly skilled cross functional teams makes the company more creative and productive when faced with a challenging new task and ensures every product shares the same DNA.

HGI capabilities extend from the supply of product/mission packages, to full system integration with existing legacy equipment and platforms according to the customers’ needs together with support services.

Our power systems are a Key component within

  • C4ISR: Computerised Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Allowing the entire chain of command to take advantage of all-source intelligence rapidly, to inform commanders on time with relevant content, to share a common tactical picture, to support decision making, to disseminate commander’s intent, to synchronise operations, day and night, in all-weather conditions,
  • Cross border security Our solutions allow our tier one clients to efficiently monitor borderlines, improve reaction time from detection to interception, match the diversity of threat natures and levels and optimise deployment and usage of the different human and technical resources.
  • Telecoms / resilience power systems Our power enables the ability to obtain, gather, process and distribute information effectively which is key to gaining and maintaining our countries operational efficiency.
  • Military Land operations are quickly evolving, and land forces need new information, communications and operational tools. HGI supplies the power systems that help the world’s most demanding land forces to gain and to maintain operational superiority.
  • Rail As one of the few generator manufacturers in the UK carrying Network Rail approvals, HGI is in a unique position to meet the need for safe, solid and reliable equipment, designed and built to withstand the demands and dynamics of the rail environment both on-board and trackside. We have closely partnered the UK’s rail infrastructure managers and maintainers to provide generators, distribution equipment and warning systems designed to make life easier and safer for the user to promote availability of the route and associated assets. With 93% of Network Rails infrastructure fleet carrying HGI power on board which is currently powering a £38 billion programme of upgrades to the network.
  • BSDG black start The process of restoring an electric power station or a part of an electric grid to operation without relying on the external transmission network. During a wide-area outage, off-site power supply from the grid will not be available. In the absence of grid power, a HGI BSDG set is used to bootstrap the power grid into operation. The sets are used to start larger generators (of several megawatts capacity), which in turn are used to start the main power station generators.