Commercial Standby
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Commercial Standby

Commercial Standby

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Backup power is important not only in business establishments but also in homes. This is especially so if people are experiencing man-made or natural power cuts.
During these unfortunate times, people need a source of energy to power appliances that are important in running their home or business, heaters, fridges, ovens, tills or computers to name a few.
If you want to make sure that your home or business are equipped to carry on in the event of a power cut, a standby generator is the answer.
Generators bring comfort when people have no way of determining how long the power will be down.
HGI have been manufacturing power equipment for over 36 years and have installed many thousands of standby generators over the years.
Over the past 24 months alone, HGI have installed over 1400 standby generators for both domestic and commercial applications with at least one installation in every county and postcode area throughout the UK.

Please find our dedicated range of power products designed for commercial applications if your requirement is single phase or three phase, open or canopied, diesel or gas powered you will find a set to fit your requirements.

If you require a generators to run a domestic property or it is for a light commercial application or you are just unsure of what you need please access our dedicated part of the web site which covers all aspects emergency power for the home or small business and all of your questions will hopefully be answered.

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