Manual Switched Generators
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Manual Switched Generators

Why choose a manual switched generator ?

As well as deciding on the right fuel type for your HGI home generator, there is also the issue of choosing which starting system would be suit you and your home. To make these decisions easier to tackle we can offer these information pages, helping you to weigh up the benefits of each option and how this could affect you and meet your home generator needs.

A home generator that is a manual switched generator will require an individual to switch on the generator in the case that you are not receiving any electricity in your home. This style of generator system can provide a perfect backup for a home that can be stranded without electricity after a power cut or outage or suffers from intermittent power cuts


Why choose a manual switched generator ?

Power Restoration Timing

There can be advantages to using a manual switched generator, one such advantage is the timing of the power restoration in your home. These generators can be very useful in some situations compared to automatic standby generators.
If you are planning on buying a small home generator with either a small fuel tank or small LPG canisters then a manual switched generator could be for you. If you are not home, for example, and there was a power outage it would be possible for the fuel to run out before you get back.

All our manual generators are sound insulated and run extremely quietly.


As is the case with our automatic standby generators, we are able to place your manual switched generator discreetly somewhere within your garden.

Initial Cost
Generally cheaper than automatic standby generators.

Running Costs
Manual switched generators can end up being more economical for some. If you suffer from frequent small power outages as well as larger power cuts then a manual switched generator may be for you. If you would prefer a generator to ignore the minute or so gaps and instead power your house only in more extreme situations then a manual switched generator could be more suitable and end up cheaper. A manual switched generator waits for you to determine whether it is needed, rather than an automatic standby generator which may detect the power drop and within a couple of seconds start to power itself up. Automatic standby generators do have a few seconds of delay on them to stop unnecessary start ups but if your power frequently stops for a minute or so and returns then this could cause a lot of unnecessary fuel consumption that could be avoided with a manual switched generator.

Manual Switched generators available to you

As with the automatic standby generators that we offer, we have a range of manual switched generators available. Whether you want to power your whole house or prioritise your power usage toward certain appliances then a manual generator will be able to fulfil your needs. Our experiences professionals will be able to advise you on what type of manual generator you would need, or you can take our test to see what generator would be suited to what kind of home you have.

Manual Solution:

As with our Automatic solution the Manual HGI Standby Home Generator is sited discretely in your garden and delivers the correct amount of electricity to your home, but, instead of triggering an automatic start during a power outage the Manual solution requires the householder to switch the generator on.

Power supply to domestic unit stops

The HGI Standby Home Generator is manually switch on