Airborne Stand-Off Radar
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Airborne Stand-Off Radar

(ASTOR) Generators

ASTOR, (Airborne Stand-Off Radar), is an advanced, long-range, ground surveillance system.
The ASTOR radar platform and for the UK requirement the system consists of five aircraft, (designated as Sentinel R Mk I by the RAF) and eight ground stations.
The six Tactical Ground Stations (TGS) are mounted on medium-mobility load carriers while the two Operational Level Ground Stations (OLGS) consist of purpose-built transportable 20ft ISO containers.

It was declared in-service with the Royal Air Force in December 2008 and is operated by No 5 (AC) Squadron, based at RAF Waddington, where they will form one arm of the surveillance triad of Sentinel R1, E-3D Sentry (AWACS) and Nimrod R1.
All the ASTOR ground stations are powered by HGI TMGs (Trailer-mounted Generators) designed around the John Deere 3029 engine for a wide-ranging operational environment from -32°C to +49°C and ruggedized to cope with the much-understated demands of “Medium Mobility” which essentially means the unit must withstand anything and anywhere a wheeled military vehicle can take it!