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(AMF) panels / ATS

When investing in an HGI home generator it can be difficult to know exactly what will suit your needs. Choosing the right starting system for your generator is an important decision which is why we have drawn up this guide to help you recognise whether an automatic generator, a manual switched generator or a portable generator is right for you. Automatic standby generators are home generators that, in the event of a power cut, will automatically begin providing backup power to your home. Automatic stand by generators are the perfect solution for a family who require a convenient way to restore power to their home in the instance of a power outage.

Why an Automatic generator could be for you

Automatic Power Restoration

In the event of a power outage your automatic generator will recognise this event and, within seconds, start up and begin supplying the correct amount of power back to your home. When the power outage ends your automatic standby generator will switch itself back into standby mode. Automatic generators stay in standby mode in order to restore your home power as quickly as possible.


Our automatic generators can offer sound insulated ultra-quiet running, resulting in as little disturbance to your family as possible.


Automatic generators can be fitted somewhere discreet and hidden in the back of your garden. With no switches to switch and no buttons to press you need not worry or even think about your automatic generator until your power supply is cut and then, within a matter of seconds, working again.


Automatic standby generators can be relied on to restore your power quickly in the event of a power cut as they, as standard, run weekly self-tests to ensure they are running correctly and will not let you down in the event of a power outage.

Running Costs

Not only are automatic generators less disruptive than manual options, they can be very economical. Automatic standby generators have built-in systems in place to reduce wasted power. The automatic standby generator’s electricity detection system, for example, requires power to be cut for a specific number of seconds before signalling to begin supplying power. This is few second delay is implemented in order to reduce unnecessary power supply in the case of thunderstorms and bad weather where electricity supply can disappear momentarily.

Your automatic standby generator options

Automatic standby generators are available for a range of needs. So whether you want your automatic standby generator to provide power to your whole house and all appliances within it or maintain power to selected appliances such as fridges, freezers and computers there is an automatic standby generator here for you.

Automatic Standby Generator Priorities

If you would rather ensure that the essential appliances for you house maintain power throughout power outages then setting priorities for your automatic standby generator is the perfect way to do so. Sometimes we do not have the budget or feel the need to power everything within a home, especially if power outages for you are a rare occurrence. In this case setting priority circuits for your automatic standby generator would delegate out available power to your most essential appliances first, using any power left over to power what you may consider as appliances that could make your experience more comfortable.

How does an AMF work

Automatic Solution:

An affordable and economical, ultra quiet-running HGI Standby Home Generator delivers the correct amount of electricity to your home. Clever technology, sited next to your household consumer unit detects the power cut and tells the generator, sited discretely somewhere in your garden, to automatically start up within seconds. It really is as simple as that. Power supply to domestic consumer unit from the mains stops. When mains power returns the transfer switch monitors the quality of the power.If the power supplied by the grid is suffering from voltage drop, sag or dip the generator will continue to supply power until the voltage is satisfactory.Once the power is deemed to be OK the the transfer switch will revert to grid power and power down the generator bringing it to rest.

Power supply to domestic consumer unit stops

Automatic transfer switch detects a power cut.

Standby home generator automatically cuts in.